Miss Congeniality. I love the look on Cheryl's face in the last frame!

16 Life Lessons from Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality, Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock Stuns At Age 50

Gracie Lou Freebush hopes to become a pediatrician. Her hobbies include figure skating,water ballet and taking long luxurious bubble baths.

Speaking of dates, Gracie knows what’s up. | Community Post: 31 Reasons Why "Miss Congeniality" Is A Certified Classic

Speaking of dates, Gracie knows what's up.

Miss Congeniality! My favorite movie along with The Proposal and Hocus Pocus and The Adams family values and.

Miss Congeniality. Best part of the movie I think!

13 Times Sandra Bullock Proved She's America's Sweetheart

Whether she's telling it like it is at an award show or delivering a movie line with perfect comedic timing, she always reminds us that she's one of the greats. Here are 13 times Sandra Bullock proved she's def