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Misery by Stephen King. I read this when I was 8 years-old and on a Stephen King binge. My favourite Stephen King novel.

Misery by Stephen King Book Cover #Books

Book Review: Misery by Stephen King

Thanks for all that books and movies Stephen King.

Thanks for all that books and movies Stephen King.

Great Thriller! Clever and Sadistic! You can totally picture the antagonist, Annie, through his characterization. Awesome read!

Looking for the best Stephen King Books? Here is a great list of the best Stephen King books spanning his entire career.

Somebody told me I just had to read this. It gave me the creeps! Diana

Which Stephen King Book Are You?

This is a VERY close second for my favorite book. There is no other book I've ever read that has scared me or given me nightmares like this! Stephen King is the master of horror.

Misery (Stephen King minimalist movie poster) | By: Nicholas Tassone, via GeekTyrant

vintage travel posters I ain’t saying she a gold digger… Pretty Woman.such a great movie Misery minimalist movie poster Movie Poster: Thor.

If this movie kept you on the edge of your seat, the book will knock you right off it.

Misery / Stephen King ** I thought this was written after King's rehab after being hit by a car. Could be mistaken, but would account for his brutal look at being bedridden and accosted by a person who supposedly was caring for him.