Mini pig health, ears, eyes, tusks, hooves, info for sock mini pigs

The Birthing Process of a Piglet Scott Phillips, a pig farmer from Missouri, shows how he pays individual attention to the mother pigs as they give birth to their piglets.

Potty Trainings Tips - American Mini Pig Association

American Mini Pig Association was created to educate, advocate, protect miniature pigs, improve breeding practices.

Mini Pig Potty Training Tips

Methods used for potty training of mini pigs/pet pigs. This page also includes troubleshooting and appropriate litter choices for mini pigs.

impossible not to smile at this... - Imgur

impossible not to smile at this...

Oh hey just a mini pig eating a mini ice cream at a mini picnic table- nothing to see here!

DIY Pig Rooting Box - Made ours today. A little different but same general idea

DIY Pig Rooting Box - kind of perfect because I want to name my pet pig Penelope

Deworming your mini pig

This nature Documentary takes a look at reports of hybrid wild hog and domestic pig.