Michael Hussar

Self Portrait of Hans Memling by Michael Hussar-Creepy, yes I know, but Corey Miller turned this painting into an amazing black & gray tattoo.

"Red King" by Michael Hussar. Oil on canvas

New Album ‘Altars’: Interview with Sadistik and Michael Hussar

Michael Hussar. Drawing of Trisha Lurie

Michael Hussar Original Drawing (graphite on paper, measures 9"x14")

Michael Hussar. (What the hell is it & why do I feel sorry for it.)

Lamb of God - Michael Hussar - Mondo Bizzarro Gallery

This painting is titled "Flown" by Michael Hussar. Michael Hussar is by far my favourite artist and ultimately my biggest inspiration when it comes to my own style of work. I love the circus theme within his work; especially the sick, albino, bloodied up clown aesthetic which is prevalent in this piece. I also see inspiration taken from artistic depictions of Christ.

Michael Hussar is an American fine artist who creates remarkably meticulous oil paintings using modern masters' techniques.