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1974 MG Midget my current project ( aka car that sits , not running, til I sell it )e.

MG Midget (1972) in British Racing Green. Mine was a 1976. I sure do miss that little car. Named Penelope.

MG Midget in British Racing Green. Named Penelope. Mine was 1963 - racing green

We had an MG Midget in the 1970s. The undisputed shortest-thing-on-the-road. We looked up to EVERYTHING! It was a fun ride.

MG Midget. I want an MG Midget, white, with red roof and interior, and she shall be named Ethel.

1965 MG Midget Oh how I would have loved to have this car whe I was younger! My mother worked at the MG car factory in London as a secretary when she was a young girl.

1965 MG Midget my first car bought for do you remember all the welding

Mg Midget! I wanted this car so bad in 1972, but bought a Toyota Corolla instead. I never had any trouble with my Toyota....Dad was right!

Mg Midget! my first new car was a 1968 yellow MGB- Loved it.

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