I looked around glue stick is a popular choice for this. - How to Cover Your Eyebrows: 5 Steps - wikiHow

Cover Your Eyebrows

How to Get Self Cleaning Hair. Shampoo is full of harsh chemicals that strip your hair of its natural oils. If you stop using shampoo, your hair may adjust and possibly become "self-cleaning." While hair does not truly self-clean in a.

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Each year more than 20,000 children age out of the foster care without being adopted. Today there are 104,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted ranging in age from less then a year to 21.  TELL ME AGAIN HOW OBAMA WANTS TO GO TO HONDURAS TO HELP CHILDREN THERE !!!!  Whats wrong with helping kids here FIRST.  It is called priorities... not politics, something this man who calls himself president has trouble with.

There are so many deserving children just waiting to be adopted.

37 Books With Plot Twists That Will Blow Your Mind

37 Books With Plot Twists That Will Blow Your Mind