A guy once told me "I'm going to teach you how to be a woman." And I replied "Please!.. First, learn to be a man!" -Maria Felix

Translation: one person told me he was going to teach me to be a lady and I told him oh please first I learned to be a man

Esto describe a mi mejor amiga Dianna. Jaja.

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"Maria Felix - Mexican actress, "I never shout, I just have an important voice"

Maria Felix!

Apréndete estas frases de María Félix para que dejes a todos con la boca abierta

Maria Felix

"If you want to bother me,you've got to take lessons,and i'm the one that gives them!

Maria felix

Maria Felix- I'm not the best in the world but I'm a very difficult version to find

Tanta verdad en una sola imagen jajaja

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"I do not believe I am a big deal, I AM a big deal! If others do not love themselves enough to deem themselves important, then that's their problem not mine.