Melody Gardot.  A wildly talented jazz artist who overcame some serious obstacles to have the music career she has today.  So much respect.

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Melody Gardot - beautiful music, compelling life story, amazing strength. -A wonderful example of a life well lived.

The sensational Melody Gardot, her voice is like warm honey!

Melody Gardot -- an incredibly talented singer who has overcome horrific adversity and emerged a true artist.

Melody Gardot's Road to Recovery

Melody Gardot - beautiful singer with an inspirational story

Jazz Singer Melodie Gardot

Melody Gardot in Jazz Singer Melodie Gardot Launches New Album

Melody Gardot-must experience her sound...

Melody Gardot - Love Me Like a River Does *Such a seductive and sexy song*

Melody Gardot @ SALLE WILFRID-PELLETIER - Montreal, Canada

Melody Gardot @ SALLE WILFRID-PELLETIER - Montreal, Canada

Style for Days. Melody Gardot takes an understated approach to Brazilian music on her new album, The Absence.

Melody Gardot Aims For The Space Between Notes

Melody Gardot - American singer, writer and musician in Philadelphia

melody gardot

Melody Gardot: Those of you unfamiliar with Melody need to get out more.

Melody Gardot for Piaget

Melody Gardot es el nuevo rostro de Piaget

Melody Gardot! I love everything about her, and this sassy photo! She is fabulous ❤️

Manufacturers even made secret water-proof speakers! Melody Gardot and cigar (speakers hidden).