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secret obsession of mine -- no, really, i've read loads of fanfics.

The 20 Most Romantic Disney Movie Moments

Hercules I almost forgot how much I love this movie. "I won't say I'm in love." Meg is the best :)

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We'll never forget I feel like most people who forgot even half these did not grow up avid Disney fans.

30 day Disney Challenge. Day 4: Favorite song?  I wont say Im in Love - Meg from Hercules

30 Day Disney Challenge: Day Song (to sing-my add in) I Won't Say I'm In Love-This is my favorite song to sing, especially with my Best Friend!

My friends call me Meg, at least they would if I had any!! Love her

I have a slight obsession for the film Hercules I have watched it so many times and know it word for word