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Matt Dallas - Eammon mac Conor (Described as tall, paler hair than twin sister Grainne, and muddier tinged eyes too.

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Matt Dallas, Kyle XY Star, Announces He's Gay -- and Engaged to Blue Hamilton! Another TV star crush down the drain.

Matt Dallas comes out: ‘Kyle XY’ star announces his engagement to musician Blue Hamilton

Matt Dallas comes out, announces engagement to Blue Hamilton

Matt Dallas Net Worth, Annual Income, Monthly Income, Weekly Income, and Daily Income

Matt Dallas American actor (Kyle XY) photographe

Matt Dallas - American actor (Kyle XY) photographed at Beverly Hills in Los Angeles / Edition of 5

I feel like he doesn't age... lol but boy is he handsome!!

Matt Dallas Too bad he plays for the other team. I guess I'll settle for drooling at the guy on my TV, playing Kyle XY.


Matt Dallas' sweater is made of boyfriend material but he is sadly gay but you still gotta love that sexy beast <-- THIS.