How I store my Spectrum Noir Markers

How I store my Spectrum Noir Markers & other alcohol based markers like copics. Even water based markers. PVC pipe and a hot glue gun.

We continue to receive pictures of so many great studios and the challenge to pick a single winner increases from month to month.Thank you to all who are sending in your pictures!  Each of you have such great spaces to work in, and they are an inspiration!October's Studio Showcase winner is Jeanne S. Her pictures are great, and she's really making efficient use of her IKEA Kallax shelving.  All of the Stamp-n-Storage products for IKEA are tucked in there very nicely!She in...

Paper Craft Storage in IKEA Shelving

beautifully organized craft room with IKEA shelving and Stamp-n-Storage cabinets that are designed just for the Kallax. You should see her papers, ink pads, punches and markers!

Perfect organizer to store those craft markers, pens, and pencils! Store over 350 of the most popular markers,including Stampin' Up,Copic, and many more!  This

Marker Organizer

The Compact Marker organizer fits just about anywhere and is the perfect way to keep your markers handy! This unit is less than wide yet holds 144 copic st

Make your own Copic Marker Storage! Doing this! Foam board is really sturdy! Doing this one!

Need to make this copic storage unit for my daughter who is just staring out with copics! Love that it has a pattern and instructions! Syzygy of Me: Foam Board Copic Storage

marker storage made from drain spouts... clever! inexpensive and expandable as your collection grows.

Copic Marker Storage Ideas - PVC drain spout cut into lengths, contact cement used to glue them together