Mark Sheppard is amused at the attempt to get him under the Devil's Trap umbrella.

jessica-bones-winchester: “ nitsuki: “ Mark Sheppard @ Roman Holiday 2014 He’s so scared of the demon trap umbrella that later on in JIB whenever he saw that thing he tried to escape lol ” This.

Mark Sheppard wins. And they forgot Warehouse 13! Also Star trek Voyager, Sliders and X-Files.

Warehouse And Dollhouse. And Star Trek. And Charmed. Mark Sheppard is the Nerd God.

Mark Sheppard ~ Supernatural <3

Mark Sheppard on

Mark with his supernatural blanket and Crowley doll. I have both the blanket and Funko doll :)

Mark Sheppard. This pic is fantastic! I can't look at it without laughing and smiling myself!

Winchestersister on

Mark Sheppard, king of the fandoms!  Pretty sure that 3rd one is "Chuck" and not "Dollhouse", although he has been on both.

Mark Sheppard, king of the fandoms! (also gotta love how almost all his characters are in nice suits, and then there's Badger.) AND YOU CAN'T FORGET LEVERAGE!