Marching band was another voluntary act of play I did as a child. Band also housed improvisational potential, being the only tenor drummer allowed me to write my own parts. Writing my own parts helped me get in touch with my artistic side and influenced me to continue and explore other realms of music.

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Haha this is my marching band.and they say that the band means nothing.

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I've noticed that there's a lack of these. The list will include Fred… Fanfiction

We had a really bad rainstorm the night before bandcamp and we were walking out to the field when our drum major lost his shoe in the mud with the water the percussion set down their drums and bent down laughing!

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*mouth pieces fly through the air, someone falls on the spit on the floor, the percussionists have rebelled and hidden behind the timpani* hi would u like to apply for the band program?