15 DIY Projects to Make Your Home Look Classy

15 DIY Projects to Make Your Home Look Classy

I like these hanging individual baskets which kids can see in. A good place for school papers and library books or supplies that need to go back the next day.

I am in a new apartment that I will be in for a good long time.  Everything that is here, I love the idea and would like to incorporate into my decorating scheme.  Help!  I would also like to display something personal from my loved ones here on FB.  If it moves you, mail me something of you!

Coming at High Point Market: The E-Charge Center by Hooker Furniture. Definitely need this in place of my nightstand

Mail station by Ikea.  Could use as library bk return station and to anchor the picture wall.  Perfect depth and style but $100?!!  Come on Ikea!

Small space organization hemnes shoe cabinet // From ikea; could use as control center for mail. For garage entrance/ command center

Message Center     Place the message center in wall

How to Build a Message Center

Get organized with this hallway message center. With an erasable calendar, mail bin, shelving, key hooks and corkboards, it’s the perfect spot for keeping track of family activities.

Love this for a pit stop in the house before everyone makes it to my kitchen counter!

Charging station, purse cubby, etc. by Mullet Cabinet in Millersburg, Ohio Idea for space next to fridge

Here's a project I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting to do. It involves spray painting, so I've really just been waiting on the warm weather. Just when I think it's getting warm enough to s...

Mail Center – Upcycled Formula Tubs