This is my dream front yard. Now I just need to win the lottery : )

Low-Upkeep Landscapes

Low-Upkeep Landscapes Want a yard that needs only minimal maintenance? Try these tips, including suggestions for low-upkeep plants.

For the gardener who wants a low-maintenance yard, drought-resistant no-mow grass can be perfect. Learn the facts from eHow to see if this type is for you.

About Grass That Grows Only 4 Inches High

Grass that grows only high is also known as "no-mow grass." These low growing grasses are perfect for the gardener who wants a low maintenance yard.

How to Make Your Garden Water-Free   This is what I want on the west side of my house. But it's full sun. Anyone know who these kinds of plants do here in Utah?

I like this idea of creating a lush desert landscape area of my yard, and maybe creating a concrete patio on the rest instead of this wood one.

groundcover for a low maintenance yard

We own a rental property with a relatively small front yard, but we are having major issues trying to get our tenants to even mow the are, to the