The Love Dare Challenge  Has anyone seen the movie Fireproof? This is all about it.

The Love Dare Challenge

The Love Dare Challenge - by Martino Liu : issuu --- pp: Has anyone seen the movie This is all about it.

The Love Dare, going to try this with the hubby.

Fireproofing my marriage day one starting on If I am serious about my marriage working I better prove it to my husband and show him Ill be here no I am going to change starting now

The Love Dare. A powerful 40 day journey that can change your marriage and your life.

The Love Dare. A powerful 40 day journey that can change your marriage and your life. Even if you are in healthy marriage you should never stop trying

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How is your relationship? Do you see your spouse in a new light, do you have more motivation to become a better spouse?I’ve gotten several very positive…

The Love Dare, Day 26

I love today’s Dare – confessing an issue that you are having, and resolve to fix it.Problems are so much easier when there are 2 individuals working on them, agreeing to fix things.

The Love Dare, Day 36

Today’s dare is great – and requires that everyone swallow their pride and ask for help. About a month and a half ago, I sat in the car for an hour talking with a good friend of o…

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LAST DAY OF THE 40 DAY CHALLENGE! We didn’t really have vows at our wedding, but I do remember how happy and carefree we were that day.

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Love is TRIESto be Responsible.Today’s dare is pretty self explanatory, and tricky.

From the Love Dare.  This is why betrayal hurts so deeply. Times are going to get hard, but when the other person bails...everything your relationship was built on turns to ashes.

From the Love Dare. Relationships are hard. And the honeymoon phase eventually goes away. Standing by someone through tough times is a direct reflection of your commitment.

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I’ve been doing the dares a little out of order, but hey – thats okay! As long as they are getting done, right?I love today…