FINALLY! A reference photo for a sketch! Thank you, people who take photos on movie sets...I would not be able to draw Loki's outfits without you. (Now, where's the other one with his full armor...) LOKI'S FULL COSTUME

Loki Laufeyson - "Beautiful and intricate from head to toe! Insane detail in Loki's costume!" "Oh, we were talking about Loki's costume? I thought we were talking about Tom"

Great build guide for various bits.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

How To Get Super Smooth Worbla Armor – Cosplay

attemptingtobeawesome: “ Getting there now, gonna finish the materials for the tunic tomorrow! Bricking it that I won’t be ready in time!

further reference. wonder where this was shown, and that they had pics of lokis other outfits.  #can we please talk about how they posed loki’s mannequin as the sassiest thing on two legs  “We have a Hulk.” “Well, I have an authentic Gucci handbag. Bitch.”    BLESS THIS FANDOM

Thor/Loki costumes on display "Please notice that Loki's costume requires the manakin be posed with sass." I still need Lokis!

Loki Scepter v. 2.0 by on @DeviantArt

After months of work re-tweaking, I’ve finished the new version of the scepter. I reworked many of the forms and lines and removed some elements t. Loki Scepter v.

My LOKI Costume Tutorial: Coat/ Cape by on @deviantART

Here is how I made the coat and whatnot. This is the second of several tutorials of how I created my costume that I will be uploading. My LOKI Costume Tutorial: Coat/ Cape

Black Digital Printed Leggings For some reason these look like they'd be perfect for a 'Lady Loki" costume.

New! Egyptian Princess High Waist Women Fashion Leggings Pants Tights S M L

Loki cosplay guide: Helmet by SirLadySketch on deviantART

I wanted to do a quick breakdown of how I made my Loki cosplay, so here it is, in four-part harmony! lol Tunic: Skirt: Cape: Helmet: (you're here) Loki cosplay guide: Helmet