Liu Hits the Town – Liu Wen takes on some of the season’s most colorful and pattern-filled looks for the October edition of Numéro China. Styled by Tim Lim, Liu pops with unusual props and settings in pieces from the likes of Givenchy, Balenciaga, Jil Sander and Erdem. Tousled locks by Lok Lau and barely there makeup by Andy Koh perfect the off-kilter shoot. / Stylist Assistants – Niklas Bildstein Zaar, Clare Chong

Liu Wen by Maciek Kobielski for Numéro China

oriental tales: liu wen by karim sadli for vogue china december 2012 | visual optimism; fashion editorials, shows, campaigns & more!

Sin duda un corte muy militar, pero bien logrado! “Oriental Tales” : Liu Wen : Vogue China December 2012 : Karim Sadli

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Falda! falda!... mira la falda!

Inspiración días de verano Street Style - StyleLovely

Very elegant yet statement eyes/brows combination

Liu Wen Models Fall Looks for Elle China's September Issue

Liu Wen, photographed Patrick and Victor Demarchelier for What’s Contemporary.

Liu Wen, photographed Patrick and Victor Demarchelier for What’s Contemporary.

furples:   Liu Wen by Daniel Jackson for “The Street Strong Woman” Vogue China September 2010

furples: Liu Wen by Daniel Jackson for “The Street Strong Woman” Vogue China September 2010