"Cotton Candy" French Lilacs - Garden Chic

Vanilla Strawberry hydrangeas reaching feet, with a spread of feet is a summer-flowering shrub hardy in Zones - Gardening Man

Lovely "Dark Star" Ceanothus (lilac) trimmed into a tree

dark star ceanothus - no wimpy baby blues! I like the idea of trimming this to a small tree-like structure. Planted at the north corner of the front yard, fall Looks great against the red wall!

Syringa hyacinthiflora, White Lilac

A good ole standby is a white lilac that blooms by Memorial weekend. White has the best lilac aroma in my opinion. And another thing about white flowers is they make a beautiful evening garden.

Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree <3 - for when Sam gets his outdoor train set up and running!

"Korean Dwarf' lilac tree grows to be Feet high, feet wide. It is winter hardy, blooms late spring, full to part sun.