leo-and-libra...Then there is the reckless person who builds a house out of papers covered in words, drawings, symbols, from days long ago, these were special to another now long gone...until that house is stumbled upon by him, he stops and asks, why did you build it so, that is my heart you exposed to weather, wear, and the pain of the world? She calls out from inside, why is some idiot commenting on my house? Memories are the possession of ALL those who lived them.

So like, all the time. This is very true. Recently had an episode where an "idiot" confronted a drunk, Irish, Leo.

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher - Princess Leia - Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - Rolling Stone Magazine - July 1983 ♥ ♥

An old soul that's young at heart

8 Things Vintage Lovers Do That You Don't (No, Really. You Don't)

Deep inside, I'm an Old soul.my big sister told me the other day that I'm more mature than her in ways.she had a phychic reading and the phychic told her i am an old soul.

Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden, "I dream of Jeannie"

RIP JR: Tributes paid after Dallas actor Larry Hagman dies aged 81

I Dream of Jeanie: Tony and Jeanie (Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden)


Corner store pimpin' in this Paris Hilton / Kendall Jenner inspired dress. Fur coat of course to top off this chic look.