If you don't agree then unfollow me, I don't give a flying fuck. This is true and I refuse to deny it because it 'makes you uncomfortable'{I'm deleting all comments because honestly what the fuck is wrong with you asshats. It's too much for a non straight couple to want to kiss?}

gay girls true love cute lesbian couple relationship romantic romance lgbt lgbtq kisses cuddles and once again: cute af



Crank up this bumpin' playlist and MOVE, SHAKE IT, FEEL THE BEAT.

33 Songs to BLAST For America's Gay Marriage Victory

LET'S DANCE — the US Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal nationwide, and that's a reason to celebrate, obviously. We couldn't be more excited for same-sex couples and unions to be recognized in all 50 states! It's time to pop some bottles and party har

My teacher said she didn't believe in homosexuality LGBT funny whisper  OMG I LOVE THIS haha.

My teacher said she didn't believe in homosexuality. I stood up and screamed "Oh my god, I don't exist!" Before running out of the room.<<< this is hilarious, but at the same time really amazing<< I APPLAUD THIS PERSON

Asexual, bisexual, homosexual, trasgender, pansexual. (I think--PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!)

Asexual, bisexual, homosexual, trasgender, pansexual all people just respect love and be kind to others.

True and sad...when people hurt themselves because of they way that they are treated you know there's something wrong with some people and their behavior...

We are all humans!and we are equal!it's ok if u don't understand people with different sexuality BUT it's not ok to disrespect or hurt them!u don't need to be gay to respect lgbt people!u just need to be a descent human being!

50 Super Queer Memes That Will Make Anyone In The LGBT Community Cackle

50 Super Queer Memes That Will Make Anyone In The LGBT Community Cackle

Allies, PFLAG moms, flirtatious straights...the gang's all here!

18 Types Of People Every Queer Person Has Experienced

To my grandma: I think boys are gross Grandma: you won't think that when you are a full grown adult. In my head: ya about that.