The Irish mob is primarily made up of leprechauns, relatives of the fae in the Courts. The criminal organization laundries money, smuggle goods, and operates an underground glimmer trade. While there are no Seelie or Unseelie leprechauns, they do have their preferences. The Irish Mob works in Ireland and New York. In New York they battle the vampiric Mafia for territory and customer bases. Legally they own all sorts of taverns and bars, for humans and magical beings alike.

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LUCKY the Mini Leprechaun for St. Patricks Day  by NordicGnomeShop

LUCKY the Mini Leprechaun for St. Patricks Day by NordicGnomeShop

Vintage Irish Leprechaun Card. CASE with Knobbly Gnomes for a St. Patricks's day themed card.

Items similar to RESERVED McCoppertop St. Patrick's vintage style Leprechaun doll "Clover McCoppertop" shamrock by Elizabeth Ireland on Etsy

Leprechaun craft for St. Patrick's Day

Leprechaun Craft Pack

Leprechaun craft for St. Patrick's Day Really want excellent tips and hints about arts and crafts? Head to my amazing info!

Fun cartoon coloring page for kids of a Leprechaun. It's free and printable and makes for a great St. Patrick's Day activity!

Leprechaun Coloring Page #2

This Leprechaun Coloring Page is just one of our many coloring pages. We have thousands of fun and unique teaching ideas that are great for the classroom and at home!

Top o' the mornin' to ya. Here are some St. Patrick's Day activities that are more than a worksheet! Enjoy! Above is a fun list of Irish slang. There are tons of ways you can use it for a qu...

talk like a leprechaun

Fun printable list of Irish Slang with creative writing prompts included for St. Talk Like a Leprechaun