Capricorn women - so don't fuck it up..oh but they always fuck it up...huh I put something like this as my status today......

It may come to you as no surprise that I am a cat person. I LOVE cats, big and small. So today, for this installment of the A to Z Challenge, the Ladies I Love are Lionesses. Lions as a species …

Zodiac Leo Facts. For more information on the zodiac signs, click here.

Leos are not intentionally hurtful to anyone. They keep quiet about a lot. It's only when they feel attacked that they will become that vicious lion.

Best of both worlds

I am one day away from being a Leo according to this.I think they might of got it wrong.

and those who are not safe are easy to walk away from and never think about again.

Leos may be friendly, but know that they're watching every nuance, every glance, and taking notes of who is safe and who isn't.