Lee Miller ° seen by Man Ray

Lee Miller: The Angel and the Fiend.Looking forward to the Farley Arts Trust’s biographical presentation of the life of Lee Miller, The Angel and the Fiend, tonight at the St. Mary in the Castle, Hastings.

Downshire Hill, London, 1941: Lee Miller

Lee Miller Women with Fire Masks, Downshire Hill, 1941 © Lee Miller Archives, England All rights reserved

Lee Miller in Hitler's Bathtub 1945 < nor (wroc ww2) https://de.pinterest.com/pin/498984833693803226/

The Woman in Hitler's Bathtub: Lee Miller, Munich, 1945

War correspondent Lee Miller taking a bath in Hitler’s own bathtub, inside his abandoned apartment. The photo was taken on the same day that Hitler committed suicide. Munich, Germany - April (Notice the picture of Hitler on the tub.

// Lee Miller, 1930

Lee Miller Wearing Yraide Sailcloth Overalls, 1930 - by Hoyningen-Huene.

Lee Miller : Photography, Surrealism, and Beyond (Hardcover) (Patricia Allmer)

Lee Miller : Photography, Surrealism, and Beyond (Hardcover) (Patricia Allmer)