Lee Joon Gi / Hawaiian Traveler 2016

Lee Joon Gi / Hawaiian Traveler 2016 Is it me or does he look like a mix of hyunseung and Kim woo bin?

This is awesome! A Weakness For: Lee Jun Ki                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Lee Jun Ki is one of those actors that crept up on me over the years, slowly but surely. When I consider how I used to feel indifferent about him, it still sometimes surprises me. Coz now I have a …

Awww. Lee Joon Gi.  How can you resist that???

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Lee Jun Ki in King and Clown

Lee Jun Ki: Knowing Him is a Must!

MV contains 2 gay/bisexual films each minutes: The King's Man starring Lee Jun Ki Frozen Flower (does not contain erotic sex scenes.