Learning-Pyramid - Wish you could learn faster? The key to accelerated learning is not just putting in more hours, but maximizing the effectiveness of the time spent learning.

How To Remember 90% Of Everything You Learn

How Children Learn: (Learning Pyramid)

How Children Learn: (Learning Pyramid

How Children Learn: (Learning Pyramid) - good argument for project-based learning & student presentations

Why demonstrating is better than lecturing and teaching someone else is best of all for retaining what you learn.

Students with dyslexia, like most students, learn best by doing. Does it make sense, then, that most school systems use the least effective teaching methods (lectures and reading) as their primary teaching methods?

Teach in Ontario site--loaded with ideas on building relationships, instructional strategies, assessment, etc.

Wondering how to Choose the Right eLearning methods? Check the Choosing The Right eLearning Methods: Factors And Elements.

This is the closest thing to photographic memory

How To Remember 90% Of Everything You Learn

The learning pyramid. In essence, we learn better from actual experience and practice. We retain much less when we’re lectured by a teacher or a colleague.

Average learning retention rates laid out by teaching method on the an adaption of the National Training Labs Learning Pyramid. A good reminder of the effect active learning can have on our students' learning process.