I Can statement display, 2nd grade classroom

I Can statement display, create with all reading and writing standards on flip rings and display in student center. Accountability, transparency, and can use for exit tickets! ("How was this standard addressed today?

How cute is this?! Chalkboard Objectives Display

I like that the headings are magnetic so they can easily be moved. You can write your objectives daily/weekly using a dry erase marker.

Free or editable learning targets!  Read about making a learning target section of your board at Forever in Fifth Grade!

Having learning targets displayed for the whole class to see will help the students stay on track and better understand what their goals are for the day or week.

Display your learning objectives with this bright and colourful pack!  Includes; 1) Today we are... 2) Today I am... 3) So that we can... 4) So that I can... 5) We know we've got it when... 6) I'll know i've got it when...

Learning Objectives Posters

Display your learning objectives with this bright and colourful pack! Today we are. Today I am. So that we can. We know we've got it when.

Another way to post daily objectives....could I use this to post learning goals, too?  Would be an easy way to change to the next goal.

Way to display daily objectives or big ideas. This would be great as a dry erase board by subject on our classroom door.

So many different ways I have come across to display standards or learning objectives and thought I would share! Maybe you will get some inspiration too!

8 Ways to Display Learning Objectives

Easy ways yo display those objectives in your classroom. Check out the three-ring binder idea-super easy to use.

You and I both know that perfect is not what we want at all! Nothing is perfect! We want improvement! Gains! Strides! I have never taught a perfect day. I always strive for better….my best. But I can’t expect my students to be perfect just as I can’t expect myself to be perfect. Today we …

Practice Makes Perfect

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