Carmen / Lana Del Rey

April Showers Bring GIF Flowers

She gives them butterflies Bats her cartoon eyes She laughs, like God Her mind is like a diamond. -Carmen ~ Lana Del Rey (Born to Die

Lana Del Rey #LDR #Carmen

"do u ever just smell an old perfume, or hear an old song, or pass an old hangout spot and kinda break inside for a couple of minutes?

love, casinos and neon reservations

love, casinos and neon reservations lana del rey photographed by francesco carrozini

Lana Del Rey #LDR #Lolita

Lana Del Rey #LDR #Lolita

staples: red lips and flowers in hair

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тнe вoyѕ, тнe gιrlѕ, тнey all lιĸe carмen ѕнe gιveѕ тнeм вυттerғlιeѕ, вaтѕ нer carтoon eyeѕ ѕнe laυgнѕ lιĸe god, нer мιnd'ѕ lιĸe a dιaмond