I ship it so much

reylo-junkyard: “Another doujinshi of mine :) Whenever she be with him. She cried. Almost everytime. And you don’t know how to comfort her you Ben S…tupid.

Vous allez adorer ces chaussons licornes qui s'illuminent quand vous marchez

Vous allez adorer ces chaussons licornes qui s'illuminent quand vous marchez

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Drawn Together

Drawn Together

Funny pictures about Drawn together. Oh, and cool pics about Drawn together. Also, Drawn together.

I'm still trying to learn how to ride a normal unicycle let alone a 12 foot one

tall unicycle, man can reach second floor window and kiss girl old black white vintage photograph, romeo and juliet, this would happen, i assure you.

((Closed)) I kissed you at home. My father wasn't supposed to be home for hours. I was wrong. My father walked In. "Faggot what the hell are you doing kissing a boy?"

"Damn Carly, I didn't know you were bi" I smile at the two boys. They pull away from the kiss. "I just never told anyone until now" he puts his arm around Danny. "So, how did you two meet" Harley asks.

YN- *Tu le regardes* Tae- *Te fais un clin d'œil* [ Au putain ça pôte elle m'a vue ! J'ai rien fait

RÉACTION BTS. 邦坦男孩. - Sa réaction quand ...

Les filles, je ne le répéterai jamais assez : oubliez la tendance « ombré » qui consiste à avoir un dégradé assez flagrant du brun au blond (ou du noir au brun). C’est out, finito depuis un moment, donc passez à autre chose. Par contre, si vous voulez ajouter une touche de lumière à votre crinière estivale, vous pouvez opter pour le balayage ombré, en toute quiétude. Comprenez : plus de subtilité. Qui dit subtilité, dit nuances et besoin de preuves en image. J’ai tout ça! Avec l’été, les…

Beauté : adoptez le balayage ombré

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Here’s exactly what to say in 10 of the most awkward moments you’ll have in a new relationship Dating And Relationships - if your experience in the dating world isn't at least a little bit awkward, you're doing something wrong.