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Goggie ob teh Week: German Shepherd Wins!

A one year old German shepherd dog. This is purebreed pedigree German Shepherd (imp. Because of disqualifying fault (long hair) he cannot be us.

Screw wanting a German Shepherd; I want A KING SHEPHERD!!!

If you're just a straight up German Shepherd fanatic then you're going to absolutely love these 9 other extremely GSD-esque breeds!

Zak and Rebel, 'The Beastie Boys'. Shiloh Shepherd. Titanium Shilohs.

Zak and Rebel, 'The Beastie Boys', during a recent visit to Old Downtown Sherwood.

King Shepherd - A bigger, fluffier, friendlier German Shepherd! Holy moly I want this dog!!!

The King German Shepherd Dog Height; King German Shepherds are bigger than most standard bread German Shepherd Dogs. I want one!

Southern Breeze Kennels Blue Bay Shepherds in Palm Bay Florida

Southern Breeze Kennels Blue Bay Shepherds in Palm Bay Florida««« If I had this dog I would name it Sirius

Cute King Shepherd Dog Photo 800×1066 Wallpaper

King Shepherd- a breed created by mixing a German shepherd, a Great Pyrenees & a Alaskan Malamute. They are about 50 lbs more than a regular German Shepherd. Beautiful breed of dog, extremely stunning.