If my kilt offends you.....

12 Reasons Women Love Men in Kilts

the many ways to wear a kilt/kilt patterns

the many ways to wear a kilt/kilt patterns- Funny, but true.

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8 Reasons to Fall in Love With Jamie Fraser All Over Again

A touch of kilt humor this fine Friday morning.  Be sure to check out my Pinterest board of sexy kilted men. #meninkilts #sexy

All the guys are getting these shirts tonight ~ compliments of Gerry lol!

Mike Myers = hockey fashion icon. Rocking the kilt. #funny http://www.pinterest.com/TheHitman14/humor-me-comedy-%2B/

Picking The Stanley Cup Playoffs: Prettiest Uniform Edition

Adult Scottish Kilt Funny Men's Costume

Adult Scottish Kilt Funny Men's Costume

Scottish Pride! My husband "is" a direct decendent of Mary Queen of Scotts.

I was once told by a bagpiper that the correct answer to the question, "What do you wear under your kilt?" (if asked by a woman) is, "Lend me your hand, Lassie, and don't be afeared.

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