Kendo - I am nice if you are.

thekimonogallery: “ Kendo, meaning Way of the Sword, is a Japanese martial art which descended from Kenjutsu ”

Kirioroshi (by John Maki Evans) - add me on Facebook -

Kirioroshi - Warriors Rage Against the Dying of Light.

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meaning "way of the sword" - a modern Japanese martial art of sword fighting based on the traditional Kenjutsu swordsmanship skill which originated with the samurai class of feudal Japan.

Once my sensei told me, you can win shiai if you know the essences of kirikaeshi and master it. Years forward, still can't :P

I am not as familiar with kendo as I may seem- such as this basic principle.

These are the stickers of KENDO ~Japanese fencing~.

These are the stickers of KENDO ~Japanese fencing~.

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Kendo Gentleman’s Essentials

kendo poster | The Basics of Kendo by waterostrich on deviantART

Basics of Kendo informational poster. All Vector Art Typeface: Baskerville Regular EDIT: Uploaded version 2 of this poster to add clarity to the target . The Basics of Kendo