@James Talbot your beard is more bad ass ha

And when he’s not onstage making Hills fans relive their swooning-Justin-Bobby past, he’s busy being a very talented hair stylist.

Justin Bobby Brescia Cuts Our Hair: Watch The Hills Alum in Action! - Us Weekly

Justin Bobby Brescia of The Hills: Where Is He Now? Watch Him Cut Hair

The Hills' Justin Bobby Brescia invited Us Weekly to cut our hair and dish about the reality series and his past -- watch the exclusive interview!

The Hills star Justin Bobby Brescia spoke exclusively to Us Weekly about his time on the show, Audrina Patridge, and his new band -- details, pics!

Justin Bobby's Post-Hills Life Is Not Like His Costars': Pics, Video!

Justin Bobby's Post-Hills Life Is Nothing Like His Costars'

Justin Bobby

Long hair have been become a major trend amongst men in 2015 without a doubt. The good thing about long hair trends is that there is a formidable barrier o