A June Cleaver In A Feminist World - I LOVE this. This is us just about to a T! I am happy being a June Cleaver any day!

In response to one of my recent posts about why daddy is more fun than mommy, I received a lot of negative comments. So I thought I should let my readers know why I am happy to be a June Cleaver in a feminist world.

Barbara Billingsley, aka  June Cleaver on the television series Leave It to Beaver

June Cleaver, Leave It To Beaver (Barbara Billingsley) 2010

embracing your inner june cleaver

Embracing Your Inner June Cleaver

A homemaker is not a doormat. Embrace your inner June Cleaver and stop caving to society's ideals of what a "modern woman" should be.

TV moms:  Lucy, Donna Reed, June Cleaver...the good old days when tv shows had meaning and were funny...

TV moms: Lucy, Donna Reed, June Cleaver Don't forget that apron, ladies.

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SassyFras Character aprons, June Cleaver is a circle skirt pinup design that is very feminine, flirty, and fun!

Jerry Mathers, left, and Barbara Billingsley in “Leave it to Beaver.”

Barbara Billingsley, June Cleaver on ‘Leave It To Beaver,’ Dies at 94

Barbara Billingsley as mom June Cleaver and Jerry Mathers as her son Beaver