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Dose organic juice

The "Dose" looks like it could be an iconic juice logo, with leaves to allude to the product's ingredients. As for the flavors, the words are broken into two separate lines which is very unique but still understandable.

Simply Squeezed ‪#‎Juice‬ ‪#‎packaging‬ ‪#‎design‬ by Dow Design (‪#‎NewZealand‬) -

Simply Squeezed

Simply Squeezed ‪‎Juice‬ ‪‎packaging‬ ‪‎design‬ by Dow Design, ‎NewZealand‬)

Juice Point - Logo Template

Juice Point - Logo Template

A great example of symbolism is shown here. The designer integrated the iconic image of a waypoint marker as the vessel that contains the juice. The colors that are used are simple and effective in conveying the symbolism.

Think Juice

Typographic logos provide a way that is not just simple but also attractive yet silent and elegant. Typographic logos use font components as the only decoration and they are identifiable logos help in remembering the name and the goal of a company.

Logo design entry number 41 by masjacky | Fresh Juice Bar logo contest

Fresh Juice Bar logo design contest at Logo Arena. Logo entry number 41 by masjacky

Runner-up design by Loveshugah                                                                                                                                                     More

I like this simplicity and the green, organic color, as well as its ability to work in both color and black and white