Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis: whether rockin ass in a kilt or adidas tracksuit, this fucker rocked my world. Played Life is Peachy every day in the car on the way to school.

Jonathan Davis

ziarecordexchange: “Happy birthday to Korn’s Jonathan Davis (you know, J Devil! Here’s a great candid shot of him signing at the Zia Records booth at Rock 92 KFMA’s Fall Ball in Tucson.

I miss listening to Korn...Jonathan Davis has a tramp stamp, but I love him, so its ok

Jonathan Davis has a Korn tramp stamp. haha, but I love korn, so its ok

JD Korn, my future ex husband :)

POP QUIZ: Jonathan Davis of Korn

OK so maybe not truly Conservative but definitely fed up with the current administration, Jonathan Davis from Korn