Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Book of Circus Joker

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Joker - Kuroshitsuji © Yana Toboso  *sighs* ..... *bursts into tears*

Joker - Kuroshitsuji © Yana Toboso I find Joker extremely attractive. It was too bad what happened to him.

Joker by on @deviantART

Lineart and coloring by - ~VermeilleRose Work in - SAI, Adobe Photoshop Joker belongs to Yana Toboso Kuroshitsuji/Original art belongs to Yana Toboso.

Drocell Keinz. Just in case anyone was wondering where I got the inspiration for last year's Halloween costume ;)

This is Drocell from Season 1 of Black Butler. So, I thought to myself, why don't I pin this?