John Simm


John Simm: terrific in so many shows, The Lakes, Life on Mars, Dr Who, etc.

john simm <3 I love me a good bad guy! You know he's well played when you hate him and feel sorry for him all at once.

The Master/John Simm wearing a "Vote Saxon t-shirt" (quite a cool photomontage). I wouldn't mind having the t-shirt either.

Doctor/Master marching 500 miles (David Tennant and John Simm)

(Gif) Doctor & Master marching 500 miles (David Tennant and John Simm) ^_^

John Simm and David Tennant - well gosh that's a pretty picture

Fic: Tennant/Simm: Soft Bomb thisisgallifrey: “ Who: David Tennant/John Simm. A night in the lives of David and John.

John Simm

Wallpaper and background photos of John Simm for fans of John Simm images.

I would love it if the Master could come back

John Simm Is it very wrong to like the Master better than the Doctor?