Jessica De Gouw wears a knit mini dress, navy blue coat, and tights

Sundance Spotlight: Meet the Festival’s Rising Stars

WHO: Jessica De Gouw WHAT: actress, Underground While the Underground Railroad narrative has been done before, Australian actress Jessica De Gouw assures us this isn’t a stuffy.

Jessica de Gouw as Philomena Oen (née Isarsdottir)

35 Hot New Faces Of Fall TV

Aussie TV actress Jessica De Gouw will play well-known DC Comic heroine, The Huntress, in a multi-episode arc for Arrow. She has the alias of Helena Bertinelli, the daughter of a mafia boss who vows revenge after her family is murdered.

jessica de gouw

jessica de gouw as Jocelyn Brewer {dream cast}

Jessica De gouw - Anna Steel

Arrow -- "Muse of Fire" -- Image -- Pictured: Jessica De Gouw as Helena -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- The CW Network. All Rights Reserved