Jeff Bridges,definitely was better looking when young/ Now he looks like Kurt Russell and Chris Christopherson

The 2010 GQ Men of the Year

Jeff BRIDGES (b. [] Active since > Born Jeffrey Leon Bridges 4 Dec 1949 California > Other: Singer, Producer, Composer > Spouse: Susan Geston (m. > Children: 3 Lloyd Bridges is his father, Beau Bridges is his brother, and Jordan Bridges is his nephew.

The dude back in the day - Jeff Bridges

You guys, I love me some Jeff Bridges. Jeff + Meghan O. My mom will call me or text me internationally just to let me know if Jeff Bridges is on t.

I did not know this photo of him. Jeff Bridges is SEXY on it.   But I like him to be Dude as well. :)

jeff bridges

joeinct: “ Jeff Bridges in American Heart, Seattle, Washington, Photo by Mary Ellen Mark, 1991 ”

Jeff Bridges offers marriage advice | Page Six

Marriage rarely endures in Hollywood, but Jeff Bridges says it’s a good idea for young actors looking to break into the business.