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Ideas para reciclar CDs con los niños

unique rocks used to edge a section of the garden

There are many directions you can take your garden. With plenty of great ideas out there, one of the best ways to increase the natural look of a garden area is to add rocks. Rocks come in a multitude of… Continue Reading →


40+ Brilliant Ways To Reuse And Recycle Old Tires

Alguna vez creo que ya nos hemos ocupado de algún proyecto para el jardín hecho con bloques de cemento pero en esta ocasión queremos mostraros unos cuantos más. Con este material de construcción es…

Proyectos decorativos con bloques de cemento

Funny pictures about Cinder Block Garden Win. Oh, and cool pics about Cinder Block Garden Win. Also, Cinder Block Garden Win photos.

1x1.trans ¿Cómo hacer un jardín vertical con un palet?

¿Cómo hacer un jardín vertical con un palet?

How to Build Pallet Vertical Garden DIY pallet vertical garden is great achievement for garden ornaments with vertical alignment of plants on through pallet boards. The pallet vertical gardens are growing rapidly because they carry

Manulidades con llantas jardineras

Manualidades con Llantas

How about using used tires to make a tiered planter. Would look good with black and blaze orange tires for a different kind of deer feeder.

escalera jardinera - Buscar con Google

escalera jardinera - Buscar con Google

Love the stones separating the space-- so visually interesting

Diseño de jardines con piedras

20 ideas para decorar tu jardín con reciclaje. ¡Fabuloso!  #decorar #jardín #reciclar

This is an absolutely fabulous idea! Make a beautiful and stylish planter from an old tire. by tommie

Pathways take the focal point in your garden. That is why we should take care of their look and of course of their functionality. There are many different

20+ Great DIY Garden Pathway Ideas

From the NW side of the house to the N side of the house--Large white paving stones with dark rock or crushed gravel. Bench on the other side.