Yo soy la que se ríe por todo :v y justo aparece youngjae ❤

Memes De KPOP [EDITANDO] - #43

Yo soy la inteligetw por todo :v y justo aparece youngjae ❤

GOT7... Husband material ❤️ it's killing me more because JB is my bias.... Omggggg

Husband material ❤️ Jackson and JB - wow this is just soooo cute and sweet.

GOT7‘s Jackson had a heart-warming family reunion today! On October 31, the Hong Kong-born idol posted two photos taken with his mother and father on his Instagram, letting fans know that he finally had the chance to meet up with his parents.

Jackson Reunites With His Parents During China Fan Meeting (Look at his face! It's like when his mom came onto Roommate (Thanks, JYP!

Markson I'm so happy. I found someone who was feeling in love and looking for other people who were in love and they found me because I am very in love and I bet I made them smile so now I'm smiling. And I'm in love.

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#wattpad #alatoire Voici un recueil d'imagines et de réactions kpop.  [Commandes Fermées]

Réactions et Imagines Kpop - Réactions - GOT7

Memes GOT7

Memes GOT7

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jb and jackson kiss, did you guys see Jackson's face aww