Famous "The Madonna of the Streets" painting, was called "La Madonnina (The Little Madonna)" in Italian. The original has been lost! Painted by Italian artist Roberto Ferruzzi who painted it in using an girl and her baby brother as the subjects

The Kiss ~ Silvio Allason was an Italian painter, mainly of land, sea, and moonscapes. He was a resident in Turin.

Boticelli - 'Young Woman Receives Gifts From Venus and the Three Graces',Sandro Botticelli !

Giovanni Boldini, La passeggiata estiva (1874).


D ❤️Gaetano Bellei (Italian painter) 1857 - 1922 Grandmother and Child, s.)~ The ultimate connection: LOVE.

beautifuldavinci: “ Vincenzo Irolli – Italian painter Vincenzo Irolli enrolled at the of Naples Institute of Fine Arts, where his masters included Gioacchino Toma, in 1877 and graduated.

“Federico Fiori Barocci The Adoration of the Magi Black chalk, pen and brush on blue paper, 293 x 209 mm Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam ”

"Her First Lesson"~ Eugenio Zampighi (Italian Painter, ~ Elderly Grandmother Seated Near Window, Guiding Child's Hands As She Knits With A Kitten At Their Feet.