My choice for most Iconic photo of our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

32 powerful pictures of the US Marines through history - Marine Lance Corporal James Blake Miller, dubbed "Marlboro Marine," became the face of the Iraq war after his photo was taken by a Los Angeles Times reporter in Fallujah in

Amazing photo..  (camels walking along the road while the smoke amd fire is from the oil wells set on fire by Iraq during the war, I think this is the first Iraq war)

May the Lord heal the land from the ravages of war and the marginal state of Kuwaiti oil fields amid states in conflict. Camels, Al Ahmadi Oil Fields, Kuwait, wartime // Photo: Steve McCurry

Toby Keith

Iraq War Veteran Stuns on 'Dancing With The Stars' with Toby Keith's 'American Soldier'

Country Music Lyrics - Quotes for Veterans - Watch Iraq War Veteran Stun on Dancing With The Stars with Toby Keiths American Soldier. I want to join the army cause I would gladly lay down my life for this county

Soldiers (US) - Afghanistan

Soldiers (US) - Afghanistan - In the novel, FAMILY SECRETS by Zina Abbott, Jennie's estranged husband is a soldier deployed to Afghanistan,a country much different than Vietnam where her grandfather served.

Iraq War, a soldier talking to a little girl

Poignant Images from the War Zone That Will Leave You Speechless

The indomitable spirit of triple amputee, Iraq war veteran, Bryan Anderson

The indomitable spirit of triple amputee, Iraq war veteran, Bryan Anderson approve this message/and messenger give top marks to those who died/served/r serving 4 freedom 2 create it!

The Cost Of War for weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist.  Thank Pres Bush and his croney Dick Cheney for their manufactured manipulation and proven LIES of mass destruction.

The Cost Of War

"For the cost of the Iraq war we could've ended world hunger for 30 years.