User-Centered Design and Ethnographic Research #infographic

Business infographic & data visualisation INFOGRAPHIC: User-Centered Design & Ethnographic Research Infographic Description User-Centered Design & Ethn

Investigación de Mercados (Negocios Internacionales): Ejemplo de un plan de negocios para exportación

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It’s All About The Images infographic from MDG Advertising relays information visually about the importance of relaying information visually. In our world, this information is true for posting infographics as well as photo images.

Media networking essay Find below an essay I whipped up this morning in class on social media and networking, their implications, advantages, limitations, and effects on society

Ticino, an Italian-speaking region in southern Switzerland with palm-lined lakes and sharp Alpine peaks

Textiles and Fashion Design Sketchbooks - 20 Inspirational Examples

While the majority of the sketchbook pages we have featured here contain an vast array of mixed media and creative approaches, it is worth remembering that sometimes the best approach is just to draw. In this example, quick gestural drawings investigating function and form are all that are needed. Beginning with lighter lines, darker lines are applied with confidence as each concept is resolved.

Under the Influence: How the Group Changes What We Think

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Coca Cola - Para Todos - un ejemplo de la segmentacion de mercado