Google Trekker

The never-ending quest for the perfect map: "Luc Vincent, engineering director, taking the Street View Trekker for a trial run in Tahoe"

#Google Project Glass: El #futuro más cerca de tu retina (¡con vídeo!)

Google Project Glass: El futuro más cerca de tu retina (¡con vídeo!)

#Google Project Glass: El #futuro más cerca de tu retina (¡con vídeo!)

27 Fantastically Futuristic Gardens

27 Fantastically Futuristic Gardens


Adorable Little Clouds Delightfully Water Potted Houseplants - My Modern Met

Kindle con tinta electronica

Kindle con tinta electronica

En la búsqueda de una forma no convencional para interpretar música electrónica, nace AlphaSphere, uno de los inventos más recientes de Nu Desine

La esfera que toca música electrónica

This website lists five of the biggest advancements in medicine. They list the possible treatment options and display pictures of the advancements.

Jason Knight, MD, connects via the RP-VITA telemedicine robot to remotely examine an ER patient during a clinical validation process at Hoag Hospital. The RP-VITA was developed by InTouch Health and iRobot.

Garden water hose rack cart

Use PVC pipe to make this handy, mobile cart for your garden hose pipe. You can move it around and store a garden hose pipe with ease.

Seguro que no soy la única que alguna vez ha dejado el cargador del móvil enchufado cuando no estaba cargando el teléfono, el que esté libre de pecado que ti...

Una buena idea: desconectar un cable sin desenchufarlo

"Live Socket", an iteration that takes away the bother of pulling the plug once we are done with an appliance. Child safe and energy friendly, this design is clever and practical too! (very clever!

Cake divider para hacer raciones de tarta perfectas

the "Cake Divider" by Klipy allows you to easily divide a pie/cake according to the amount of slices you want, or 12 equal sized pieces;

Device created by Austin Yang, student of product design and mechanical engineering at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland.

Miss the typewriter days? Don't worry, now you can buy one for your iPad

The iTypewriter, which uses a series of hammers to translate your key-presses into touch-screen pushes.

Line 05 Large 2x

APPLE Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Apple Watch Sport Space Gray Aluminum Case: Compatible with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with iOS or later;

13. Scooter Stroller -- :D This seriously looks like A LOT of fun!

Roller Buggy – the baby stroller/scooter hybrid for kids on the fast track. For nerd dads.

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Mouse y teclados para windows 8

The Perfect Companion for Your Tablet. The Wedge Mobile Keyboard is the ideal balance between form and function. It has a minimalist design, yet incorporates a full-sized keyset, Windows 8 hotkeys, and cover that converts into a tablet stand so you c

Bluetooth Bulb lets you switch on, time, dim and color your lighting with your phone

Bluetooth Bulb lets you switch on, time, dim and color your lighting from your phone (video)

Bluetooth Bulb lets you switch on, time, dim and color your lighting from your phone (video) -- Engadget