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Cruel & Unusual: The Death Penalty v. The Eighth Amendment - Criminal Justice Degree Hub

With recent botched executions, people are questioning, once again, if the death penalty violates the Eighth Amendment& ban on cruel and unusual punishment

Tips, Tricks & Secret Ways to Save Big in New York City

Tips, Tricks & Secrets to Save Big in New York City

New York: 21 Ways to Save in New York City with some our our favorite tips, tricks and secret ways to save in NYC. There's no reason a trip to the Big Apple has to break the bank. You can travel affordably and still have a fabulous time in the city!

I bought my first rental house in 1994 when I was 24. My husband and I each made barely more than minimum wage, and we had a 2-year-old and more debt than I felt comfortable with. - The Penny Hoarder - tips to save money on travel #traveltips

How to Buy Your First Rental Property: I’ve Earned $100,000 From Mine

Thinking of buying rental property? Here’s how to start investing in real estate, from financing to choosing the ideal property to building your portfolio.

Another Pinner said: The answer would seem to be indicative of the current…

The answer would seem to be indicative of the current administration conspiring to aide an orchestrated election fraud, cheat the voters out of a fair and legal election, and, most very important.

10 Strange (but Legitimate) Tax Deductions infographic

10 Strange But Legitimate Federal Tax Deductions Income tax tips, tax return tips

Thieving Con Man Trump is Corruption... Trump Univ. Scam, Golf Course Property tax Scam, Bankruptcies, numerous legal actions against Trump, etc.

Or rather, concocting stories when needed to distract from his own issues (eg Trump University, Trump Mortgage, etc)

People that came to this country, immigrated legally, they now regard this country as 'Their Country' and have embraced the ideals, virtues and this Constitutional Republic. New Patriots, that connect with the original Patriots ! ... and want more, not less liberty, under The Constitution.

Great to see that one woman of color who likes Trump overrides the fact that of WOC voted against him

Welcome to the new workstyle

The New Work Order? How Successful Startups and Companies Approach Work and Social Businesses The New Workstyle

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We Need Trump ‏@WeNeedTrump 3h3 hours ago  RETWEET if you stand with our law enforcement.

We Needed Trump and we got him as our new President! Nobody loves our police, first responders, firemen and our United States military more than President Donald Trumps 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍

Very true. And health insurance is just legal extortion. Lobbyists are just payroll managers for the Koch brothers.

Shouts Of Protest At Supreme Court On 'Citizens United' Anniversary

campaign finance system is legalized bribery - support public financing of elections - this is a critical issue; the key to being able to solve any other pressing issue. Make government work for the people.

Why not hemp plastics? I'll tell you why. Bc this world has completely fucked up, backwards priorities and doesn't really care about sustainability and protecting the environment. Greedy corporations and politicians make too much money off the rape and destruction of our planet that they will fight tooth and nail against anything that would help it. Maybe they have another planet lined up somewhere for after we kill this one!

with What Is Hemp Plastic? To understand hemp plastic we first need to understand hemp. Hemp is one of the many names given to the Sativa plant. Contrary to popular belief is not the same as

How many times have you thought about writing your will? It's time to stop thinking and start doing! Here is a great idea to get you and your spouse motivated to finally write one.

A Surefire Way to Get Your Will Written

What are the essential items you need before you sit down to write a will?