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Intelligence is not limited to just having five College Degrees, mind you. Common sense & street smarts are equally as important!

But isn't arrogant , carry a chip on her shoulder or piss and moan about everything but act like its everybody else who's negative. A simple happy confident intelligent passionate sexy sensual fun loving woman, with whom you share a chemistry with that makes no situation, place or wall safe lol, who always has ur back and cusses like a sailor when she gets mad or really frustrated which is rare , but it's a sight to see and hear lol when she does, just make sure its not because of you Is…

One Syllable Names: Short Baby Names with Solid Charm

bringin' sexy back [QUOTE, Woman: 'You know what's really powerfully sexy.she is.' / Courtney E.

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I love the art of conversation. There is nothing as sexy as intelligent, articulate or eloquent people who sincerely express themselves.

So very true. "Smart" people bore me. Intelligence is sexy in a free thinking way

'Introduce me to your mind' --------Please, if someone who is like this truly wants to be your friend, they really truly from the bottom of their heart, care for you.