Fun Psychology facts here The cells in your body react to everything that your mind says. Negativity brings down your immune system. Negative words in music song lyrics, tv shows, movies, feed your mind the right food.

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5 Seductive Words to Describe your Lover In Ways They’ve Never Heard of Before

Save this for next time your lover asks you how he/she looks. ‘My dear, you are simply elysian’, will make them weak at the knees. Perfect death Greek highest degree of glory

- Sylvia Plath - - Cerca con Google

- Sylvia Plath- She had issues. She even killed herself. But she left us with tons of words. That to me speaks volumes.

Don't give up the chance for things to get better in favor of the fear that things could get worse.

If I showed you all you can become, i know you'd change your mind. You might have hit rock bottom but it's the perfect place to start, where the only thing that you can hear, is the beating of your heart♡

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