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I pinned this map to illustrate the many different Indian tribes across the plains. There was a large territory that occupied the Indians. It will be interesting to learn how many states it covered.

Situated mostly in the Northwest United States and in Canada after migrating from the Great Lakes region, the Blackfoot Indians have a rich history and culture.Blackfoot Indians were legendary buffalo hunters, and lived a mostly nomadic life following the buffalo herds.

List and maps of Native American tribes

Map of the Native American Tribes of North America - fairly detailed. I should know this stuff. I have a lot of Native American in my ancestry.

Map of TN tribes in the past - The word "Tennessee" comes from the Cherokee Indian word "Tanasi", which was the name of a major Cherokee town in southeastern TN. There are no federally recognized Indian tribes in TN today. Most Native Americans were forced to leave TN during the Indian Removals of the 1800's. These tribes are not extinct, but except for the descendants of TN Indians who escaped from Removal, they do not live in TN anymore. They were moved to Indian reservations in OK…

These are the original inhabitants of the area that is now Tennessee. There are no federally recognized Indian tribes in Tennessee today.

Fantastic website on Florida Native American Tribes

These are the original inhabitants of the area that is now Florida. There are two federally recognized Indian tribes in Florida today: Miccosukee Tribe of Indians and Seminole Tribe of Florida.

Map of Indiana tribes in the past. (Of course other tribes came as they were driven west.)

Map of ILLINOIS tribes in the past…peoria had the peoria ill ini tribe…peaceful and obliterated quickly.

The original Algonquian-speaking inhabitants of the area that is now Michigan included:

Information on the Native American tribes of Michigan, with maps, reservation addresses, classroom activities and recommended history books.